HARU ICHIBAN - Traditional Japanese Dance & Live Music

HARU ICHIBAN group presents performances of traditional dance & live Music. Thier performance is a further development of the much appreciated group JAPANESEQUE. Dancers perform traditional Niho-buyo, a refined form of Japanese dance, drawing on kabuki, noh theatre, and folk dance. They are accompanied by authentic Japanese instruments; Koto, Shamisen, shakuhachi and flute. A Cello expands the timbre depth of the group sound.

Previous clients include:

  • Common wealth institute
  • Luxuray travel show at Olympia
  • Holiday inn world conference at Royal Albert hall
  • The opening of Lexus showroom for royal family of Oman
  • T-mobile
  • Ikebana International New Year Party
  • National Theatre in London
  • Nottingham Festival
  • The Passage at Westminster Cathedral
  • The Potteries museum at Stoke on Trent

Technical requirements:

  • They will need minimum space of 3m x 3m
  • Polished clean floor to perform
  • PA system woth 4 - 5 microphones.

Standard length of performance:

  • 15 minutes to one hour
Potteries museum dance

Geisha at the Potteries Museum 2014 Gion kouta Geisha at the Potteries Museum 2014 2 Harusame Geisha at the Potteries Museum 2014 Sakura medley

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traditional Japanese dance

Audience reaction

"I would like to thank HARU ICHIBAN for their fabulous performance... I really enjoyed the amazing music, which was so captivating. As well as the customes and dancing, which were so beautiful."

An audience member in Nottingham, summer 2008

"We enjoyed the performance of your music as well as the lovely dancing. the girl in her beautiful kimonos was wonderful to watch... again you gave us such pleasure..."

Tineke Robertson - Chairwoman, Ikebana International

contact: tel/fax 020 7278 4099
e-mail info@japan-promotions.co.uk

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