Our distinguised artists, proficient in all forms of Japanese art and music.

All activities are available for performances, demonstrations, workshops and lessons as well as commissioned work.


Surprisingly pleasing to the western ear, we offer a guided tour to the colourful and little known Japanese repertoire. The clear ringing chords of KOTO, ethereal purity of the SHAKUHACHI and dramatic sound of SHAMISEN will delight even the most jaded listener! Available solo, duo and trio.

at Gillingham festival 2003
Click here to play "Haru No Umi"

The Instruments


a harp-like instrument whose history spans twelve centries. The six foot long wooden body has moveable bridges to facilitate turning. The strings (originally of silk) are plucked with plectrums worn on the right hand.


this Japanese lute has a box-shaped wooden body covered with skin, a long fretless neck, and three strings struck with a large plectrum. Traditionally the shamisen is used to accompany singing, dance and theatre.


this is the haunting, five-holed bamboo flute, still used today by Buddhist Zen monks as a meditation tool. Also popular in the part with Samurai warriors, its eerie sound is heard in both folk and classical music.




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